Unleash your creativity and find your inner voice

with the world’s “Best New Drummer”
Unleash your creativity

and find your inner voice with

the world’s “Best New Drummer”


  • Upgrade your skills
  • Improve technique
  • Master your sound

This course includes:

  • 12 Interactive lessons
  • Dan’s personal notebook
  • Creative mindfulness tools


Find your inner voice and Stand out

In this workshop, starting September 2019, you’ll develop a personal, unique voice through sound design, technique, and improvisation.

This innovative course, developed by Dan and backed by music educators around the world, offers a whole new way of practicing (patent pending). You’ll get special access to Dan's most successful practice tools of all time, organized and sequenced for you to jump in and jam right away.

Lesson Plan


The basics of flow, groove and internal balance.


Meaning, approach, practice and dance.


The key to Polyrhythmics.

Core Stability

Tighten your technique and core skills.


Quantize your mind with the physical world.

Killer Foot

Technique + Hand-Feet coordination.


Technique and approach.

Sound Design

Finding your sound, Technique and Special FX.

Free Improvisation

Explore for ideas and sounds without considering time.

Inner Pulse

Strengthen the internal feeling of pulse.

Odd Meter

Natural approach for complex meters.


The power and reason of limiting yourself.


Dan Mayo

After conducting a few extremely successful in-person workshops around the world, Dan has taken what worked best and built an extraordinary, interactive online master class.

Ready to go from “ok” to world-class?

Dan took time out of his busy touring schedule (TATRAN, Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda, and Dan’s solo project) and created this course to help you find your inner voice. Now you can learn from the best, find your inner voice, and stand out… not just as a drummer, but as a musician.


Learn by doing with Dan at your side

Don’t just copy from a video, actually jam with the master

Big ideas sometimes require new tools; for this course, Dan partnered with the cutting-edge music education platform Musico, making it possible for you to:

  • Jam with custom lesson plans designed to quickly take you to the next level.
  • Build your own practice loops by snapping together different musical lego blocks inside of a circular timeline.
  • Get Dan’s input about your playing with our patented “Music Messaging” system that ties messages to audio files.
  • Change Dan’s drum sets on the fly inside the MIDI sequencer, slow down, speed up, and study every detail at your own pace.
  • Expand your comfort zone while discovering new musical styles (Dan’s favorite practice method!).